Filipino Community Digital Event Calendar

With the transition to virtual events and webinars, we created a community calendar to centralize the various events and relevant information. These are either advocacy or wellness events targeted towards the Filipino American community, with a priority to Bay Area events.

Please contact us if you have a relevant event to add.

Kapwa Soul Sessions

In response to the isolating situation of shelter-in-place mandate, we created a community wellness event for folks to digitally check-in and receive support. Facilitated by Marnelle Marasigan, a wellness coach, each session incorporates meditation, group sharing, and an open space to express thoughts and experiences.

Please see our community calendar for updated Zoom information.

Social Enterprise Community Center

FMHI-SMC is in the process of developing and launching a cultural arts and wellness-focused social enterprise cultural center in Daly City, CA. This has been in the works for multiple years and was recently awarded funds through California’s Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.

The center is slated to open late 2021/early 2022.

Mano Po

To celebrate our elders, we want to hear their stories, insights, and experiences. We want to encourage conversations between generations so that wisdom can be passed down and shared through our community. We want to give value to what our elders and ancestors have to share.

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