Social Enterprise Community Center

A space for the Filipino/a/x community.

Project Summaries

The proposed project is a cultural arts and wellness-focused social enterprise cultural center that offers youth development, culturally-specific educational/expressive arts engagement, and mental health programming on site. The social enterprise features a café that will hire and train youth from Northern San Mateo County and serve as a culturally affirming space for them and the broader community. Programming will incorporate the Filipina/x/o experience and history of the Philippines, while bridging multiple generations through culturally affirming activities and workshops, as well as elevating youth to be the next generation leaders of social change, wellness ambassadors, and cultural preservationists.

Funding Approval
On August 27, California’s Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) approved the proposal which includes $2.6 million dollars in seed money towards creation of the social enterprise. The social enterprise model has proven to be a more sustainable approach when it comes to stable and diversified funding streams.

Next Steps
The next phase of the process includes identifying an oversight agency/non-profit, which could take several months, with the goal of opening the social enterprise any time between late next year to the earlier part of 2022.

This programming component of the social enterprise is represented in the CommuniTREE framework below, which uses a tree as a metaphor to depict the values that ground this work (SOIL), the supports needed (ROOTS) for success, the strategies that will get us there (BRANCHES), the resulting youth capacity (LEAVES) and health outcomes (FRUITS) we expect to impact.

Public Statement on Funding


To our Dearest Kapwa,


We would like to officially announce that as of Thursday, August 27th, 2020, the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) at the State level granted us the $2,625,000 in seed money (for the next 5 years) to develop a Filipina/o/x Cultural Arts and Wellness Center/Café for our community in North San Mateo County!

This is a HUGE hxstorical moment in that we have the opportunity to increase access to culturally and linguistically relevant mental health services for our People—a chance to address the health disparities within our community in a centralized culturally affirming healing space, especially for our Youth.

There are so many folx that have been involved to make this happen dating back well before the Filipino Mental Health Initiative of San Mateo County even existed. We would like to honor the pioneers who have trailblazed the way for us to get to this point, our Ancestors seen and unseen—who helped us envision a future of healing and wellness beyond what we could ever imagine. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to those who have dedicated an incredible amount of time, energy, and resources to seeing this vision materialize—our former FMHI Co-Chairs, FMHI committee members, volunteers, allies, and partners.

To our BRIDGE Advisory—we especially are thankful for the last 2 years you have sacrificed your weekends, family time, “ME” time, etc. to be available for all the meetings, gatherings, and events that would ultimately help co-create the Center’s programming and development.

We would also like to appreciate all the speakers during the public hearing who demonstrated so much strength in vulnerability when sharing their lived experience. The testimonials were so moving and brought many of us to tears. Your personal narratives were CRUCIAL to illustrating the need for this center.

This is just the beginning.

As far as NEXT STEPS,

We will have to wait about 6 months prior to the dissemination of funding to begin Year 1 for “start up activities” (such as, identifying a physical space for the center, hiring, etc.)
During the 6 months, there will be a Request for Proposal (RFP) process where non-profit agencies will be able to bid to oversee the project.
Once that agency is chosen, the clock will begin for “start up activities.”

Attached we have the PowerPoint slides shared during the presentation that highlights the details of the timeline and information that offers an overview of the project.
If you are interested in getting involved, have questions, or comments, please feel free to contact us at

In Kapwa,
Christi + Steph

Salamat & Appreciation

While we are still building our project page for the social enterprise cultural center, we want to list our appreciation for the following individuals and groups (NOTE: This is an incomplete list and we are in process of updating accordingly. We appreciate your patience. Stay tuned for updates)


  • Alexis Madayag
  • April Veneracion Ang
  • Bernadette Sy
  • Briana Evans
  • Camille Santana
  • Carmen Babasa
  • Chel Gilla
  • Daniel (Danny Boy) Naha-Veevalu
  • Doris Estremera
  • Edith Cabuslay
  • Edwin Batongbacal
  • Francesca Lomotan
  • Dr. Jei Africa
  • Jennifer Jimenez Wong
  • Jeremiah Ysip
  • Joe Balabis
  • John Yap
  • Joseph Magsaysay
  • Junior Flores
  • Karla Talkoff
  • Kim Gillette
  • Kimberly Martin
  • Kristie Lui
  • Laarni San Juan
  • Lisa Putkey
  • Marnelle Marisigan
  • Nate Nevado
  • Paulita Malay
  • Sylvia Tang
  • Tita Perla Iberrientos
  • Tony Bayudan


  • ALLICE Kumares
  • Anakbayan Daly City
  • Asian American Recovery Services
  • Bayanihan Community Center
  • Center for Babaylan Studies
  • CIPHER-Skyline College
  • Colma Community Center
  • Daly City Partnership
  • Daly City Youth Health Center
  • Diversity & Equity Council, SMC
  • FMHI-Solano
  • ​Junior Apostolates for Christ (JAC)
  • Kababayan Learning Community-Skyline College
  • Kabataan Alliance
  • NAFCON-NorCal
  • North County Outreach Collaborative
  • Office of Diversity & Equity, SMC
  • Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center
  • Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP)
  • San Mateo County Pride Center
  • Skyline College
  • St. Andrews Church- Social Justice Ministry
  • ​Westmoor High School

MHOAC Public Comment Speakers:​

  • Christian Guerrero
  • Fernando Montanes
  • Dr. Hazel Benigno
  • Juslyn Manalo, Vice Mayor of Daly City
  • Marilyn Fernando
  • Michael Sagum
  • Pat Racela
  • Peter Rojo

Elected Officials:

  • David Canepa, Supervisor of District 5 SMC
  • Juslyn Manalo, Vice Mayor of Daly City
  • Mark Nagales, City Council Member of South San Francisco
  • Dr. Rod Daus-Magbual, City Council Member of Daly City